Snow Hits St. George???

Here we are in another wonderful time of year in St. George. This seems  that St. George in February cannot decide on whether it should turn to spring or staying in winter. I guess we can say that we are a lot like the Groundhog in PA. As the month started off we were boosting on the average over 10 degrees hotter than average. But this week we have fallen almost an average of 10 degrees cooler.

What a joy it was to see the kids faces light up with excitement yesterday as we experienced a rare event in St. George -  a wonderful snowfall. Of course being St. George, the snow melted almost as fast as it fell. Just before the snow started to fall there was a very loud thunder that started a downpour of hail.

Unfortunately, we also had a local golfer get struck by a lightning bolt on the Sunbrook Golf Course. Our family prays for a quick recovery for this man and his family.